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The 5 Reasons Why

1. Your Wedding Day Should Be Stress Free

The thing that I love the most about brides getting professionals to get them ready for their big day is that they can relax, trust and know that they are in good hands and don't have to worry about doing it themselves! Trusting your stylist is so important. Find someone that has a proven track record and great reviews! Most of the time beauty professionals go on-location so you don't have to run around from their salon to here and there, you can just hang out with the people you love at your venue or your hotel while getting beautified! 

2. High Quality Makeup and Proper Application Photographs Perfectly

This is one of the most important pieces to your wedding day because your memories will last a lifetime. Did you know that if you use moisturizer with SPF in it under your makeup that when that flash goes off at your reception your face will look white? AH! Your beauty professional will know the exact right products to use on you that look best on you and that photograph properly on your special day. Experienced makeup artists will create your look using contouring and hilighting techniques to best enhance your face and features. If you use a makeup artist that is not experienced, or your makeup and hair is applied and styled improperly, you'll appear flat and in some bad cases that I've seen - orange! Lastly, you don't want to appear shiny, over, or underdone. Perfection is the key. You are perfect, right?

3. High Quality Products and Techniques Last

We all know that the very anticipated day to marry the love of your life can be a little emotional! With that comes tears and with that... running makeup. But it doesn't have to be that way! Airbrush makeup does not leave tear tread-marks. It's incredible and a MUST for your wedding day! Even more important are the primers that are used underneath your foundation and eye makeup. Same thing goes with hair products and quality hair styling. Using high quality anti-humidity working and finishing sprays make all the difference in the world, as well as proper and secure pinning techniques that hold your style all day long! You should also never have any bobby pins showing. That is a real good sign of quality hair styling. AND who wants to see bobby pins in your hair when you have a gorgeous headpiece or veil to show off!?

4. A Trained Professional Knows What Looks Best For You

Your beauty professional has been very well trained and has beautified hundreds of faces. They have studied what hairstyles look best for specific face shapes. Hair stylists have an in-depth knowledge of different hair types and tendencies, and know what products will work best with your hair. If you want to really highlight your eyes for your big day, your makeup artist can use special makeup techniques to make that happen without caking on the product. All in all, a professional's knowledge is priceless to you when your beauty is being captured all day.

5. Having A Bridal Party That Matches Your Quality Look Leaves No Distractions

Have you ever been to a wedding where that one bridesmaid realllly loves makeup and totally stands out from the rest!? Or a bridesmaid uses colors for her makeup that totally clash with the colors of the wedding? It is really important for your bridal party to look good too! Less distractions and your pictures will look better. Why not treat your ladies to luxurious beauty!? Nothing is more memorable than sitting back together in a bridal suite, sipping champagne, laughing and letting the professionals make you look and feel beautiful.

This decision for your wedding day, to me, is PRICELESS! Don't decide to do it yourself or hire someone who isn't experienced just to save a few bucks. You are worth it! Your memories are forever!

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